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  • 445 Park Avenue, 9th floor . New York, NY 10022

New Covid19In-House Policies

We have created a few new policies based on New York State's guidelines & rules to help keep the place as healthy as possible for everyone who walks in our doors.

Temperature Check -A temperature check with a contact-less thermometer will be conducted with everyone that comes into our massage therapy clinic. A temperature log will be kept, as a precautionary measure. Like everything else at Elite Healers, your privacy is protected.

Always wear your mask - We require that you wear your mask during the entire session. If you do not have one, then one will be provided for you.

Regular COVID testing -Our staff is required to get tested for the COVID19 virus every 14 days. This guidance is a standard requirement for all businesses such as massage therapy that fall under the category of "Personal Care Services".

Extra cleaning time - Temporarily the time between sessions will increase to allow our massage therapists to completely disinfect the treatment room before their next appointment.

Stay at home if sick -During this time if you book but let us know you are possibly sick we will not charge a late fee. In fact, if you show up sick we will send you home.

COVID19 In-House Upgrades

Now that we have opened back up, we have upgraded a few things in our massage therapy clinic. The list includes these items but is not limited to these items. The list will be updated soon to make sure we include every new features to keep our place clean to a level that goes above and beyond.

Masks, gloves, & arm sleeves -Our massage therapy team will be wearing masks, fresh gloves along with disposable arm sleeves to provide a full layer of protection.

Fresh Face Cradles -We plan to not only cover and clean our face cradles, but we will also be switching face cradles between each appointment, allowing time for the face cradles to be fully disinfected.

Contactless payment/Card on file -We now require all the people that come in our doors have a card-on-file when first signing up. This will allow us to take payments without having to have people touch the card reader. You can still pay with cash if you want to, we just ask you to bring exact change.

Air purifier -During all sessions and at the end of the day we are using a medical-grade air purifier. We want to go out of the way to make sure that even the air is contaminant free. This not required by New York but we go the extra step to make this the cleanest place in New York City to receive massage therapy.