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What is Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

Deep Tissue Massage is a term associated with massage but not everyone fully understands what it is, so we want to get you to understand what to expect from a Deep Tissue Massage at Elite Healers Massage Therapy. Deep Tissue Massage Therapy is a slower-paced more focused style of massage therapy that is meant to work with all the layers of muscles in your body and create significant improvements compared to other forms of Massage Therapy. Deep Tissue focuses less on relaxation and enjoyment and instead, it focuses on reducing muscular restrictions and improving structure.

When it comes to the muscles of the body they all have a function and also have opposing muscle which works against that muscle to make the joint move. If too much force is being produced on one side of the joint this will lead to the muscle staying short, which in turn moves the bones with the end result being that your posture begins to shift. Given time bad posture will turn into painful holding patterns and that means you will begin to feel pain, sometimes this even develops into chronic pains.

By receiving Deep Tissue Massage therapy you can release those holding patterns in an effective and efficient manner. The slower nature of Deep Tissue Massage can sometimes feel more intense because as you work through those layers some of those deep layers are being worked on for the first time. Normally these muscles don’t get the treatment they need due to how deep they are. The lack of treatment causes those muscles to turn sensitive which increases the intense feeling momentarily until the muscle is released. Your therapist can always adjust to ease you into the release of the area when it gets intense, so you have less to fear. Deep Tissue Massage is not meant to be painful but can be at times. The work might be more intense but the results have longer-lasting benefits than a Swedish massage.

The restorative nature of Deep Tissue Massage therapy can also be a great compliment to a Physical therapy program. Physical Therapy sessions will strengthen and restore endurance and function to the muscle while Deep Tissue Massage will reduce scar tissue, removes knots (which shorten the muscle), provide a passive stretch to the muscles that are restricted.