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We offer both in-person & online services

Online Services offered

Stretching & Self-MAssage Coaching

For those of you who want a self-care routine that focuses on self-massage, stretching, and rolling from the simplicity of your home, well this option is meant for you.

The session teaches you how to better care for yourself with a diverse but related range of recovery techniques great for both regular people and more athletic types. We meet you at your skill level.
Schedule a conference call at home that will be specifically targeted to your needs and uses minimal equipment. Each call is 30 minutes long, and during the call, our Massage Therapists ask a few questions so they can customize a self-care session based on your needs. After that, they take you through a session teaching you how to take care of your specific issues.

Learn self-care techniques like:
  • *How to care of back pain
  • *Self-care for achy feet.
  • *How to care of neck pain
  • *Self-care for the shoulders
  • *How to care for your hands and wrists
Learn to massage your partner

Its been at least a month since you were able to get a massage since the stay at home order and your body is now achy.
Schedule an appointment so you and your quarantine partner can learn the fundamentals of how to massage those achy spots on your body away.

Our therapists will take 30 or 60 minutes in a video conference call with you to teach you how to care for each other.

The conference call starts with our therapists asking you a few questions regarding your aches and pains. Then we work with you to teach you how to care for those achy spots, along with coaching you on how to approach the area with the best possible form.

As you are learning, our therapist will watch your form and help you to make corrections so you avoid hurting yourself as you care for your loved one. Care for those you care about at home safely.
You can learn how to care for anyone else in your home whether they are half your size or double your size, because we will teach you how to best use your bodyweight as safely as possible

Online Personal Training Sessions

Since we specialize in sports massage our therapists also have years of experience as Personal Trainers. Schedule a 1 on 1 fitness training online session with our season coaches to get a training session with an elite-level trainer.

The sessions are 30-minutes long and done over a video conference call. Online training is ideal for when you need feedback on your foam along with a personalized session to meet you at your skill level. We will get to know your goals, injury history, and any other limitation before setting up your customized program. Great for beginner, intermediate, and expert skill levels.

Our team can provide at-home training sessions with minimal equipment to focus on goals such as:

  • *Improving endurance
  • *Speed Training
  • *Burning calories
  • *Moving functionally
  • *Strengthening your weak points
Ergonomic Consultation appointment

Being caught working from home during this pandemic might have lead to you working on furniture that was never planned to use as a workspace. Because of this, your workspace at home might need to be upgraded to support your posture and reduce those pains since now you work full-time from home.

When you schedule an ergonomic consultation appointment you'll have a 30-minute video-conference call with a therapist. During the call, the therapist sees your space and will ask you questions related to the space. We might ask for measurements to better understand

Once the interview ends the therapist will email you telling you what improvements you should make to make your space an ergonomically functioning workspace. One appointment can help change your workspace and help you improve your posture while reducing aches and pains.

Massage Treatment service options

30 minutes

Ideal for when you are in a rush. Great for treatments that focus on one local area of the body or to get your body ready as part of your pre-event preparation before an athletic event later that day.

1 hour

It's the traditional standard when it comes to massage therapy. A 1-hour massage provides the right amount of time to improve circulation. An hour is great for treating one particular part of the body with Deep Tissue Massage therapy, or as a treatment for a muscle causing chronic pains.

90 minutes

It's an ideal amount of time for a Deep Tissue Therapy Treatment to a large area of the body. 90-minutes is ideal to help resolve issues regarding posture, chronic pains throughout the body and recovery from a very demanding lifestyle.

2 hours

For the individual that wants the most value per visit. The two-hour session allows your therapist to provide a full-body Deep Tissue Therapy treatment. It's really useful for those who have many spots on the body they want to be treated.