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What to expect
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Coming in for a massage treatment at Elite Healers is an experience greater than just having oil spread on your body. It is our goal and our duty to make your visit here a healing experience rooted in anatomy, pathology, sports medicine, and massage therapy. Our team is trained to uphold the highest standards in medical massage and sports massage to give you a customized experience.

While each treatment experience is different we make sure to practice the proper fundamentals to get an idea of what is bothering you, how long it has been going on, the symptoms along with any other relevant questions or basic assessment tests. This is how any and all sessions start, and by doing this our therapist will know what style of massage to use along with relevant areas to focus on.

Before your first session, when creating your account online you will be asked to answer some basic health history questions. Don't worry we stay HIPAA compliant and won't reveal your private information. We use this information to make sure you are in a safe state to receive massage therapy. Not every problem with the body can be made better with a massage and we want to know when we should refer you to your doctor. You can find out more about when to check in with your doctor if you scroll down to the end of this webpage.

When you arrive on the day of your session right before the treatment, your therapist will ask you the basics about your main issue you need us to work on. We will keep an ongoing file (known as a SOAP note) so we can create value to you by knowing what we did on what day and how it progressed from before to after the session. This also allows us to come up with long term game-plans to help you move better, feel less (or no) pain and improve the quality of your life.

After the treatment, your therapist will ask you a few questions on how you feel, make some observations on how you improved and also take note of that.

All the information taken in the session not only allows your therapist to maximize the value of each and every session but also allows you to try different therapists but not have to explain to them every last detail, over and over again.

When to check with your doctor before getting a massage?

  • Right after surgery, you should wait for the doctor's clearance.
  • If you have been diagnosed with cancer and/or are currently in treatment for it.
  • If you have a contagious skin condition.
  • If you are sick.
  • When your massage therapist asks you to get medical clearance before starting massage treatments.
  • If you are just not sure that massage is right for you.